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New Zealand distributor of the CreaClip
Cut your own hair!  
You don't have to pay for hair trims or even a full style cut with the amazing CreaClip.

What is the CreaClip?
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NZ Creaclip child's haircut
Straight across haircut on 4 year old using large and small Creaclip. This is the second time I used the Creaclip and it was so easy. Now available in New Zealand!
The CreaClip is a hair-cutting guide that you can use at home to cut your own or others’ hair.
Large creaclip   

For more instructions on how to use the CreaClip
to cut hair go to Tutorials:

         Just clip, slide and cut!
Small creaclip, great for fringes and short hair   

Small CreaClip showing in-built level to ensure a straight cut.                                      


Here Cut provides simple products and ideas for cutting and styling your own hair, at home!
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